1. David Davy
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    Sure he can catch that one, but not Damien Flemming’s hat-trick?

  2. gaurav kumar
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    I played both the games & I believe cricket is tough to play
    there is so much thinking to do & require a lot of strength and stamina
    specially for longer version of the game
    common playing 5 days under heat with all that equipment(for batsman) and
    then standing at one side of ground for hours for the ball to come,
    specially for slip fielders, within a split second they have to take that
    rock solid ball bare handed, its tough
    Also as I said its more a mental game, so no matter how tough your muscles
    are you can’t perform if your mind has given up

  3. BongSau83
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    That’s not Shane Warne it’s a thunderbird.

  4. Le NGuyen
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    Dumb Americans watched this video and another one that Australian ball kid
    catch the ball with bare hand. American always cmt sth like “he would be a
    great baseball players”, thats bullshit. Cricket is a very tough mind game.
    Baseball is not worth being compared with Cricket. 

  5. Harsh Pathak
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    americans r narcissists,they don’t give a crap about sports like cricket
    and football n just keep playing their own invented sports which other
    countries don’t give a crap about like American football in which there is
    almost no use of a foot and baseball which is nothing but a horribly
    twisted version of cricket………

  6. Harry Simmons
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    That was his only catch of the summer 

  7. Ahmed Vaidya
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    shane catchin that tennis ball was very cool..

  8. Bhawesh Kumar Jha
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    you a can take a cricketer outta cricket but not cricket outta cricketer!
    that’s my boy is an instinctive catch

  9. Tony Slater
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    Just can’t keep Warnie down. 

  10. BoroWoodsyClash
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    Federer (apologise if i mispelt) always hits the classic catches

  11. religion-pointless god-good
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    as if

  12. Wilzo2
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    Classic p Shane

  13. Raghav Garg
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    He is a legend in cool 20 % of the population of world ….

  14. unowen7591
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    +T0MMO11 shut up bitch. You’re not impressing anyone 

  15. 888poker
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    Shane Warne, Team 888poker Captain catches Ball at Australian Open
    Shane Warne Catches Ball at Australian Open

  16. Aleksa Pejicic
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    1. football 2. CRICKET 3. crowd hockey 4. TENNIS 5. volleyball 6. table
    tennis 7. BASEBALL You are right HQDivinity. 🙂

  17. thebudgieking1
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    It’s about fucking time he caught one

  18. hijothema
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    First: I don’t deny that cricket is more popular than baseball in these
    lists. Second: Is het number 2? Not on all lists. It depends on the
    criteria. How do you measure it? Do you measure television hours, the
    amount of people who watch it on television, attendance in the stadiums,
    amount of people playing it and if this: only those who play it at clubs in
    an organised way or also including people who play it outside the clubs
    somewhere on a backlot. Etc.

  19. blastitude
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    why the fuck are there always baseball comments every time someone mentions
    cricket. why. seriously, I don’t get it. It’s not like if I see A-Rod on
    ESPN (outside of the US that is) I blow a gasket and start screaming about
    cricket, so why are people’s panties so tight that have to bring in
    baseball into everything remotely related to cricket.

  20. cyrushanleone
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    seems like this is that pietromodeno guy as another user. There are some
    really retarded baseball fans out there

  21. kirinlager49
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    “U mad bro” = automatic fail.

  22. YerFaceMateZz
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    Yes. What I meant was, it is funny how they are trying to compare the
    popularities of the 2 sports. Cricket is miles ahead in popularity, there
    is no point comparing them. It is second only to football/soccer.

  23. basilbrushnz
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    Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, England ,South
    Africa, West Indies (Jamaica, Barbados etc) where it is either the national
    sport of most popular summer sport plus all the associate nationions like
    Zimbabwe, Ireland, Kenya etc etc. Cricket would be still played a watched
    by more people than baseball without India.

  24. hijothema
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    You mentioned all of the associate nations (and mentioned zimbabwe,ireland
    Kenya etcas examples) als countries where cricket has some importance. The
    Netherlands is one of the top six associate nations. But cricket has no
    importance here. Even the chess association is bigger then the cricket
    association.. 5 times as big Most of the european coutries are associate
    members of the ICC. But cricket means nothing in those countries. Except
    for England and maybe Ireland and Scotland that is.

  25. basilbrushnz
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    Thats still 3 more coutries than baseball. What are you trying to say