Shane Warne Bio

Shane Warne, born on 13th September 1969 is an Australian cricketer by origin and is one of the greatest bowlers cricket history has ever known. He is nicknamed as the King of spin due to his excellent capabilities to spin the ball without letting the batsman have an idea of the direction of the spin. His incredible spin has made him work wonders. His excellent skills have made him famous and he has been selected to represent the panel of cricket experts in the Wisden cricketers of the century. The best part of this selection is that he has been the only specialist.

Shane Warne started his cricketing career in the year 1983 when he joined the Melbourne cricket club. He was found to be a useful asset as he could bowl a pretty good leg as well as off spin and was also a decent lower order batsman. This overall combined quality helped him to build up his initial career and managed to make himself an important member of the team whom everyone could rely upon. He joined the Accrington cricket club in the year 1991 and enjoyed quite a good season with a total of 73 wickets and a total of 330 run in total. He played his first ever test match in the year 1992 and managed to make an impressive performance to his coaches and other team members. His total of 708 has been the maximum any bowler has ever taken in Test Cricket and this record has only just been beaten by Muttiah Muralitharan from Sri Lanka.

The year 2003 however proved to be a bad start for Shane Warne who was sent home immediately after failing a drug test prior to the World Cup tournament of 2003. Shane Warne had himself admitted to the use of drugs to improve his performance and game play during the tournament. This eventually resulted in a year ban for the cricketer. Shane Warne started his game play in full force immediately after his ban was complete in the year 2004. He continued his excellent bowling performance for a span of 2 years before he retired on 21st December 2006 after the fifth Ashes tournament held at the SCG. His retirement was taken with a lot of appraisal for the cricketer as he was the very few who managed to reach the 700 wicket milestone.

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