No retirement calls

The Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, has said that he is not going to announce his retirement from the one day international cricket in the near future. The Little master has kept himself out of the upcoming Sri Lanka tour. And not only has he skipped the Sri Lanka tour, Sachin Tendulkar has not played in 90% of the ODIs played by India in the last 1 year. He is focusing more on test cricket. So, there have been rumours that he might retire from the One Day International Cricket. But, Tendulkar said that he would not even think of retiring from any form of the game as long as he is enjoying cricket.

On being asked about the reason due to which he has kept himself out of the Sri Lanka tour, Sachin answered that he wanted to give adequate time to his family. He said that due to his international commitments, he has never been able to give proper time to his family. He said that apart from being a cricketer, he is also a husband and a father. So, he also has some responsibilities towards his family. Sachin said that people have been predicting his retirement since 2006. As per sachin, whenever he misses a tour, people start talking about his retirement.

The Master Blaster said that he doesn’t think too much about what people are saying. When he will feel that he is not valuable for the team any more and his body is not able to soak the pressure of international cricket, he will retire immediately. According to Sachin, age should not be the criteria for retirement. If one can play quality cricket till the age of 45, he should play. Sachin thinks that the team will do well against Sri Lanka and will win the ODI series.