1. Suhrid Saha
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    best spinner ever….but he’s not better than steyn

  2. Jimmy McCallum
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    Murali has not bowled 100 of those. Murali gave up on leg spin to bowl off
    spin. Warne mastered the hardest art in cricket, and for that i rate him
    the best ever.

  3. Hari Bajracharya
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    Fucking Awesome Ball!!! I can’t imagine any batsman surviving it.

  4. Nirali Patil
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    Was Jackie chan the batsman

  5. Abdullah Al Rajib
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  6. timmyhally
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    What a ball Shane

  7. Pardhasaradhi Andukuri
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    Warner is as always a class act. I don’tlove his bowling. Trust warner
    isreads this tweat.

  8. razamansoor72
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    like that.

  9. french13
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    Oh man the way it drifts, or actually swings in then just rips away like a
    kids toy brings a massive smile to my face. Now he’s retired, as an England
    fan it’s possible to love him. Like a Stockholm syndrome of cricket….

  10. pyujco
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    he’s no ashley giles

  11. Nigel Morgan
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    That was a different century…

  12. pganeshan651
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    seriously, mike gatting made it look worse than what it was, this is the
    stuff people in subcontinent grow up with, it was there for a full blooded
    on drive or flick had he charged at it.

  13. funk192
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    Bullshit, so you think you can predict where the ball is going to drift
    every time in that last moment then? You would have been so wrong footed
    that you would have fallen over onto the stumps 😛

  14. Rutvik Sanghvi
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  15. buzzYNWA
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    Because legends say, that ball killed a colony of 100,000 ants underneath
    the pitch.

  16. Tom Jellis
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    Name of the song? Top delivery though!

  17. HamsterOfFury
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    Ahhh the King of Spain. He has no equal.

  18. hyperdude zach
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    Wait a minute why is cricket on nat geo??

  19. 69Slartibartfast
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    Warne did it frequently. Check “that ball” he bowled Strauss with, or the
    one that got Chanderpaul. He was a freak – spun the ball at better than 100
    revolutions per second.

  20. niaziov
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    die early

  21. onarass
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    @england0715 If he didn’t take drugs he’d still be the best spinner ever.

  22. praveer krishna
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    I wish warne could have played forever…or at least till when i die…he’s
    the best spinner

  23. baileycoxy5
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    @TheCelebrityOnline piss off

  24. Karateworm
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    Who the hell made this video?

  25. funk192
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