1. Rahul Challapalli
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    if samuel throws his bat direct to shane warne(mother fucker) head then he
    will be in hospital.sharne warne is just a a red pig and 1000 ass sucker

  2. Paul Persaud
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    fuck u shane

  3. heyheyhey0h
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    shane warne is a great cricketer but an absolute wanker

  4. Bidhayak Das
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    Watched this a while ago and all I can say Shane Warne showed what a lout
    he is, at least when it comes to manners and discipline. That;s how these
    guys think they will win a game. 

  5. Eoin Simpkins
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    haha love warnie

  6. mcdelive
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    Haha… you Wanker….! Why don’t you go and suck Shane’s tiny little earn
    as u want him so bad…….! Yes he tried to mask the performance enhancing
    drugs he took eith the diuretic,,, So he is a cheat… But unfortunately
    for u he is wid Liz, so u will have to keep on Wanking thinking of ur
    suggar dad… piss wanker……!

  7. Connor Fryer
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    Pretty sure Samuels would destroy root

  8. lsbrother
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    If warne threw at the stumps – 2:04 – then he’s a lousy thrower!

  9. funk192
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    LOL You dumbass, he took a diet pill which is a diuretic. Nothing
    performance enhancing about a diet pill. Such ignoramuses.

  10. Bilal Baig
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    i had some respect for Shane Warne but after watching this i knew what he
    was really like. i hate him now.

  11. EssHighlightReel
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    2:20 biggest liar ever

  12. funk192
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    For all you idiots that think diuretics are performance enhancers,
    bbc(DOT)co(DOT)uk/ethics/sport/debate/types_1(DOT)shtml & I quote:
    “Diuretics: Not performance-enhancing drugs on their own, but used to get
    rid of the traces of other drugs.” Warne only took the diuretic once, he
    would had have to have taken the diuretics for a long period, and his tests
    prove that he only took the diuretic for a short time. BTW Warne was a
    better bowler when he had his weight. Now sincerely Fuck off.

  13. Ian Brown
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    shane warne deliberately through the fucking ball at marlon hes a big fat
    piggy liar

  14. funk192
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    Oi cuntface… I have no disagreement with him getting banned by taking one
    diuretic it is a banned substance. I have disagreement with your first
    comment saying that he took a performance enhancement drug…. this is not
    a fact. The fact is he took a diuretuc, they are banned only for one
    reason, and that is that it can mask some performance enhancing drugs…
    Now fuck off bell end…..!

  15. funk192
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    You don’t actually lose fat, you lose water weight. Now tell me, how would
    a body perform with all that water lost? It leaves the body in a weakened
    state. Boxers lose water weight on purpose for their weigh-ins, but they
    are not stupid enough to stay way. I know that they can mask other
    substances. Warne has always had issues with his weight, especially
    stemming from the media. The fact is he took a diet pill, and that’s all we
    will know. Now fuck off back to the desert, camilla(camel)

  16. funk192
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    No thats a fact idiot. Diuretics are a banned substance faggot..

  17. Umair Wallayat
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  18. mcdelive
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    Shane Warne is the guy who took performance enhancement drug and blamed his
    own Mother for giving that…! That showed what an imoral human being and a
    cheat this guy is…!

  19. Hitmanmanman1
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  20. umairmanutd02
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    shame warne…

  21. funk192
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    Don’t disagree with you on that.

  22. Harry Moore
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    Shane Warne is a prick, he should do some more hair adverts instead of
    being on the sky sports commentry team

  23. kamyueloh
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    And we know it contained a banned substance and he only got half the proper
    ban. By his own admission, his mother gave him the tablet to aid weight
    loss so the intent was there. Therefore he was cheating and the mandatory
    ban was 2 years bu he got only 1. Aussies bleat all the time about the
    medals they should have won when foreign athletes test positive… Add to
    that the scandal surrounding the Bombers… Australia is not fooling anyone.

  24. funk192
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    You still going? lol

  25. mcdelive
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    Haha…… You stupid bender, thats what u’d say wouldn’t ya….! No wonder
    ICC banned this cheat for a year from Cricket…!