1. zsivaz
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    Sachin was great. But on full flow De Silva was a class above for me. The
    pull shot he played @5.20 was shot off the game- he played McGrath like he
    was an amateur and the delivery was not even short. To come in lower down
    the order and to hit the ground running was sensational. I’d much rather
    watch De Silva than Sachin. Sachin may have the records but I always felt
    De Silva had the superior batting talent. 

  2. mayur pawar
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    This is Revenge of 1996 World Cup,Aamir Sohail Show Bat to Venky

  3. dasiths
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    @6:22 Tendlukar 125 off 113 and Aravinda 75 off 72 caning McGrath.

  4. everybodylovessachin
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    Love you sachin

  5. Shyamkrishnan Balachandran
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    I dont know if “regress” is a hard word but thats exactly what happened to
    cricket. These 2 guys played more than a run a ball innings by just playing
    exquisite cricketing shots. We dont get to see these kind of innings
    anymore. Nowadays all the lofted shots, classy pulls and hooks have made
    way for big huge heaves and swings. Anybody who works the ball into gaps is
    far and few in between.

  6. pappukumar420
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    this was one of his best innings ….and I think his only hundred at lords

  7. Spartacus Singh
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    The guy was at his peak, some of his shots of Mcgrath were unbelievable.

  8. vish31031989
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    i wishd arvinda and sachin cud hv played 2gether, v wud hv witnessd a
    classic partnarships like dis

  9. Thilina Hettiarachchi
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    What a players Aravinda n Sachin…..!!!

  10. everybodylovessachin
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    What a wonderful show of batsmanship by little master…lovely…the
    greatest ever..

  11. Anthony Noronha
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    I came here only to watch Sachin

  12. Shehan Fernando
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    Little master got through… because master was there behind him….

  13. Tuco Benedicto
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    @6.50 was Chandrapaul making rotis??

  14. Kartik Saboo
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    Why don’t they have matches like this anymore?! :”| Legends Legends

  15. Indiancrab
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  16. Ddd tyhedude
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    aravinda..what a player he was

  17. Sairam Subramanian Gopal
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    just 12,688 views for this classic innings!!!!