1. Ravinder Singh
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    Skip to 16:00 if you are here for them 4

  2. nandu p
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    Had Sehwag (India’s MVP in tests for about ten years) been there, it would
    have been the “fab five”. .

  3. Srinjoy Chakravarty
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    sourav! what a legend! his eloquence stands out!

  4. shamith s
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    how can somebody unlike dis.? its so nice

  5. Mourjya Sanyal
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    For all the ladies out there at 21:00, its ‘awe’, and not the more famous
    and frequently used ‘awwwww’…
    Just kidding, no offence meant..

  6. Zoozoo Mall
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    Now i know why he got bowled in kolkata….dravid didnt tell him that ball
    is reversing.

  7. Donnie Darko
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  8. Albert Mendonca
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    All this celebration of Sachin is over the top i think – with all these
    commentators on an appeasement drive. He’s one of the greatest batsman no
    doubt – but he never put his country first.

  9. Ashik S
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    Vengi struggles to articulate have seen him even during his playing days,
    but is a very good writer.

  10. Daniel Archer
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    Sachin Tendulkar is a true Legend. He’s my inspiration, I wish him all the

  11. Jys Rajput
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    sachin dont talk about him coz he hired SHASTRI & GAVESKAR…….. ALL CHOR

  12. viki rs
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    could someone translate what Ravi said on 14:20 ??

  13. Siddharth Bafna
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    Vasu sir is the best

  14. chael v
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  15. Rishab d
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    salute to d little master!!

  16. Headlines Today
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  17. coolguy hero
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    Sachin enjoys parties but very less as he practice alot. behind him lots of
    sacrifice,hardwork. finally he is so humble that he became a international
    player as many people around the world like him.

  18. raza usman
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